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Chinese Courses

International Education College sets up aseries of Chinese language skill courses and a variety of Chinese culturecourses to meet the needs of Chinese language learners of all types.. Chineselanguage skill courses include listening, speaking, reading and writing.Chinese culture courses include language element course, language skill course,culture knowledge course and regular culture lectures.

Currently, Chinese language courses setthree levels, which are elementary level, pre-intermediate level andintermediate level. Students will be divided into different classes accordingto their language placement test.

Meanwhile, in order to encourage students to learnChinese, a lot of public courses are available for all the students. The creditof each course is 2.5 and the credit hour is 40. Students are free to takecourses based on their language level and time arrangement.

Chinese Public Courses

China Today

This course is designed to improve students’ Chinese languageproficiency, impart an understanding of Chinese society and culture andmotivate students’ interest. The course introduces topics such as Chinesegeography, culture, history, international relations and development of thenation. Students will find they are inspired, challenged and provided withcultural facts throughout the leaning process.

Geography and Geology of China

This course, taught in Chinese and English, mainly introduces theunique geographical and geological phenomena all over China. By visiting mostof the renowned mountains and great rivers in China and all kinds ofgeographical and geological heritages, students will acquire large academicvocabulary through extensive reading, lectures and classroom activities. Thiscourse is the perfect combination of the three courses: "NaturalGeography", "Physical Geology", and “Cultural Tourism”.

Chinese Writing Course(Elementary Level)

This course is designed for students, who have learned Chinese forat least half a year, in order to nurture their basic writing ability inChinese. This class is to train students’ comprehensive ability to use theChinese characters, vocabulary, and grammar knowledge. It teaches students howto write a self-introduction, a note for leave or short message as well as howto write essays according to drawings. E-mail, post card and diary are alsoincluded.

Chinese Writing Course(Intermediate Level)

This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese for atleast one year with basic Chinese knowledge. It helps to improve students’Chinese language proficiency and cultivate their independent thinking, tosolidify and enhance students’ Chinese techniques. Some simple professionalessay and narration about everyday life are also included.

Chinese Reading (ElementaryLevel) Class Two

This course is designed for students, who have learned Chinese forat least half a year. This course is to widen students’ vocabulary and traintheir ability in reading of elementary Chinese. Through reading and analyzingvarious materials, students could widen their knowledge, and cultivate theirlogic thought and independent thinking, to solidify and enhance students’Chinese techniques.

Chinese Reading Class (Intermediate Level)

This course is designed for students, who have learned Chinese forat least one year. By reading and analyzing various materials, students couldimprove their Chinese language proficiency and gain more vocabulary. It helpsto arouse students’ interest to know china and Chinese culture.

Chinese Language (ElementaryLevel) Class One

This course is designed for students who will learn Chinese from thestart point without any basis. Students who have learned Chinese but hadforgotten can also come to attend this course. Everyday vocabulary andsentences, basic dialogues, pronunciation, Chinese characters are all referredin this course. After finishing this course, students will be able tocommunicate in Chinese in their daily life.

Chinese LanguageCourse ( Intermediate Level)

This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese for atleast one year and want to improve themselves. Through extensive reading inChinese, students’ language proficiency will be greatly improved.

Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts is one of China’s outstandingtraditional national sports. This course is mainly talking about Wushu cultureand students will be taught to do some basic exercises of Wushu. Throughlearning this course, students will not only master some Wushu movements, whichcontain Wubuquan (Five-step Boxing) and Eight Forms Taiji Quan, but alsopromote their understanding of Chinese Wushu culture.

Multi-culture Understanding

This course aims to promote the cultural understandingbetween the countries all over the world. Through the study of this course,students can correctly treat their own national culture and appreciate theother nation's culture, reduce the discomfort to study abroad. Understandingthe diversity of world culture can make students learn to coexist andcooperate.

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