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Final Notice on Garage Luggage Taking


Our international students started moving to Dangui Plaza since last August,  International office put many times of notices on luggage taking, but till now still some washing machines, refrigerators, bags, etc. are still left in university garage and    storeroom of Dangui Plaza, which seriously affect the normal use of university garage and Dangui storeroom, and university even also asked international office to dispose the left luggage and items.

Therefore, for the luggage and items left, international office now regulate as follows:

1. Students can contact with Mr. Luo Jingang at office 213 to take their own Luggage and Items before April 8, 2016;

2. Any luggage and items, which are not taken within the specified time, will be disposed of as ownerless items by university.

3. This notice is the final one for luggage taking.


International Education College

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