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Our University Organizes Video Conference to Promote the Reform Of Examination Recruitment System


Held on September 5 in the afternoon, the ministry of education to promote the deepening of reform of the examination reform of enrollment system work video meeting, study the implementation of the "state council on deepening the reform of the examination recruitment system implementation opinion". In the center of the network technology in our school meeting room set up at the venue, school leaders Wang Yan new, an-zhou fu, jin-hua cheng, xu-long lai and the relevant person in charge of leading group for the enrollment, college admissions team took part in the meeting.

Education of the CPC leading group and minister yuan guiren indicated to convey the "state council on deepening the reform of the examination recruitment system implementation opinions about spirit. Yuan guiren indicated stressed that xi jinping general secretary made important instructions for many times, stressed the need to by deepening reform, promoting education equity, to raise the level of talent selection, to adapt to the cultivation of the comprehensive development of socialist builders and successors of the request, has chaired a central comprehensively deepen reform leading group meetings, the political bureau of the central committee of the politburo standing committee, the meeting review.

Yuan guiren indicated, points out that the current to promote the reform of examination recruitment system as the education system to carry out the key of the third plenary session of the spirit, earnestly to do a good job of four aspects. It is a learning to grasp, grasp the spiritual essence. 2 it is closely combined with the actual, to promptly formulate supporting policies. Three is to strengthen organization and leadership, wok. Fourth, pays special attention to the propaganda guidance, in response to the masses concerned.

Education ministry deputy secretary and vice minister yu-bo du to read "the implementation opinion", and put forward the work requirements. He detailed interpretation of deepening the reform of examination recruitment system of the main tasks and measures in five aspects: improve enrollment plan distribution, reform the examination form and content, reform the enrollment mechanism, reform of supervision and management mechanism, launch the university entrance exam comprehensive reform pilot. He ordered local departments strengthen the leadership, strengthen the propaganda guidance, detailed implementation plan, pushing the test enrollment system reform smooth implementation.

The principal Wang Yan new put forward three requirements: first, we must resolutely implement the central decision-making to deploy on deepening the reform of the examination recruitment system and the ministry of education work requirements; Secondly, study documentation requirements, grasp the ministry of education to promote deepening the reform of examination recruitment system video conference spirit, actively carry out research work, the science formulation test enrollment system reform in our school related system, timely organization staff in a larger scope study enrollment system reform spirit; 3 it is ready to do real recruitment of students propaganda, continuously improve the quality of students, arouse the enthusiasm of all the teachers and students, and strengthen the close ties with middle school, and formulate practical work plan.

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