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Overseas Students of the College of International Education Attended Intangible Cultural Heritages Exhibition Themed on "Carrying Forward Intangible Cultural Heritages"

Published: 2014-03-21
(Reporter: Zhao Yangping Cameraman:Yang Su) 80-something overseas students of the College of InternationalEducation of CUG atte..

Dream to be an Expert in the Petroleum Field? Come to the Top University in China

Published: 2014-08-22
You may know that China is a top ten oil country. Of course, we have some specialized universities that help produce kinds..

Progam Candidates Seeking for Silk Road Institute Opening Ceremony

In order to celebrate the establishment of the silk road institute, our international office is going to prepare a big performance, the topic of the show is “Revitalizing silk road: an opportunity..

Our School Team Successfully Climb Australia Section Hughes Peak

On 22th September, and our team successfully challenge "7 + 2" the fourth station -- Australias highest peak section Hughes peak. Hughes peak is located in the southeastern Australia, at an altitud..

Student in Our University Won the Gold Medal of the Women's 400 m Freestyle in Asian Games

On 21th September,2014 Korea Asian games swimming competition in the womens 400 m freestyle final, the public management college undergraduates Zhang Yuhan win by the time 4 minute 07 second 67, won t..

Our University Signed a StrategicCooperation Agreement with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Land

On the afternoon of September 10, the headmaster Wang Yan xin lead a group to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region land of director li rong signed a strategic..

Our University Organizes Video Conference to Promote the Reform Of Examination Recruitment System

Held on September 5 in the afternoon, the ministry of education to promote the deepening of reform of the examination reform of enrollment system work video meeting, study the implementation of the "s..
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