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Buddy Program

With the increasing popularity of studying in China, many scholars havehad studied the overseas students life and study in Chinese university. Theresearch results show that the international students' social communicationwill help them adapt to the new culture. However, the results also show thatinternational students are generally willing to seek help from their fellowcitizens, reluctant to students in other countries for help, especially mostreluctant to seek help from the host country of the students there. Therefore, InternationalEducation College arranges tutor for students each department.

The purpose ofthe tutors are to help foreign students improve their knowledge of Chinese languageand culture, social customs and habits, campus culture and environment; furtherpromote communication and exchanges between foreign students and Chinesestudents; thereby helping International Students Affairs Office to complete internationalstudents’ study and research tasks; improve international students’ ability to overcomeand solve  difficulties and problems.

1. Master the learning and attendance situation ofinternational students; assist and guide the communication and exchange ofinternational students with their departments, superviser and teachers;

2. Familiar with the university’s teaching system,student management rules and regulations, strengthen students’ ability tocomply with school discipline and rules and self-restraint; help reflect andresolve difficulties and problems students encounter during their study;ultimately, help International Students Affairs Office supervise and helpstudents successfully achieve their education goals;

3. Help students to morestudents, more extensive study, knowledge and understanding of the Chineselanguage, culture and social customs and habits; while helping them become morefamiliar with the learning environment and campus life;

4. Pay more attention on difficulties and problems encounteredin the international students’ life, using ways of regular discussion andgiving comprehensive counseling to international students’ learning andemotional problems, know the first-hand the situation, suggestions or commentsof international students, and timely feedback to students to office things;

5. Guide and help international students to participate inpositive and active culture, sports and communication activities to promote internationalstudents and Chinese students for further exchanges and mutual understanding, thusto make international students integrate into university’s campus culture andenvironment better and more harmonious.

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