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Health Care & Insurance

The Chinese Ministry of Education requires that all international students be medically insured throughout theirstudy in China. This policy is crucial to the health, wellness and success ofinternational students.

At CUG we require health insurance coverage for our students. Both international and domestic students have beenrequired to maintain sufficient health insurance coverage as a means ofprotecting themselves. Please note that students without a valid medicalinsurance are not allowed to register.

All students are required to be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. Students must at leastbe insured with Accidental Injuries and Hospitalizationmedical coverage. Keep in mind that students who do not have avalid medical insurance/health plan are not allowed to register.

You are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students provided by Ping An Insurance Company on the day of registration, which has been recognized and recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

There will be a ‘Ping An Insurance Booth' at the registration site where you can purchase your medical insurance/health plan. The Comprehensive Insurance Plan for ForeignStudents, which covers hospitalization and medical treatment for accidental injury, is recommended.

For more information about the insuranceplans offered by Ping An, please visit http://www.pingan.com.

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