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Welcome from the President of CUG

On behalf of China University of Geosciences, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the senior officials and those from all walks of life who have for a long time cared for and supported the development of our university. I would also like to give cordial greetings to all the schoolfellows and express a sincere welcome to all our young friends who are willing to pursue their studies in our university.

This is a university that has gone through great changes and difficulties. In 1952, the Beijing College of Geology was founded by merging the departments and sections of geology of some of our famous colleges and universities, namely the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, the Tangshan Railway Institute and other colleges. Then, in 1970, the college was moved out of Beijing. There were several difficulties. We had to experience the harsh geographical terrain of Shimen, cross the Dan River, go south to Jiangling and go through a period of stay in Jingzhou, where we had to physically carry our things since the transportation system at that time was not fully developed. While selecting a proper place to settle down in, we continued to concentrate on the education of our talented students. We handled this entire movement well. In 1975, the college was set up in Wuhan and it was renamed the Wuhan College of Geology. Although there was further reconstruction, our top priority was always to focus on maintaining a high standard of education for our students.

This is a university with extremely profound foundations. At the beginning of its establishment, the different styles of Beijing University, Tsinghua University and others intercrossed and permeated with each other. All the prominent teachers exchanged views and learned from each other for our continuing progress. The success of this university has seen over 60 academicians who have taught in this university. In addition, there have been several experts of various ages who have started their careers here. Having become one of the key universities in 1960, it was authorized to set up a Graduate School in 1986. In 1997, the University participated in the “211 Project”. This is extremely significant because in the history of China, it was one of the first group of universities to take part in this project. As such, China University of Geosciences was and still is a key university in China.

China University of Geosciences is a university that deserves great praise because of the achievements of outstanding persons. The university has shaped its own traditions and demeanours of being self-supporting and realistic. Up to now, the university has cultivated over 100,000 graduates. They are engaged in their own fields and they have dedicated themselves to the development of the country. Many of them have become academic elites, outstanding politicians, business tycoons and even excellent athletes. Premier Wen Jiabao and 27 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering are some of the exceptional representatives from this university.

There is great enthusiasm in this whole university. It was born under a ministry-run system. In a new era with rapid development of higher education, the management of this university was transferred to the Ministry of Education. This has provided new opportunities for the development of CUG. The university is presently located on the shore of the beautiful East Lake beside the National Development Zone of High and New Technologies and Wuhan Guanggu of China. The transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful. On campus, one can experience the pleasant surroundings of nature being able to see blue skies, clean lakes, several green trees and well-kept lawns. The entire environment makes CUG an ideal and conducive place for all students to pursue their studies.

Over more than fifty years, the people of CUG have been forging ahead, keeping pace with the times, and carrying out innovations. They have caught hold of the opportunities brought about by the reforms and achieved rapid progress with their intelligence and efforts. Today, CUG has changed from just a geological college with a single discipline to a comprehensive university offering multi-disciplines such as Geology, Resources, Environment and Geological Engineering technology as the main features. There is also the coordinate development of Sciences, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Management, Economics, Education and Law.

Presently, the university has raised the goal of constructing itself into an internationally first-class university in the field of Earth sciences. In order to achieve this goal, we will inherit and carry forward the excellent traditions of CUG, regard people as our best resource, discipline construction as our guide, focus on and improve our teaching as the core of our main goal, cultivate various talents as the lifeline of this university, intensify the conception of competition, quality and services, carry out reforms while remaining innovative, and try to achieve outstanding credits in order to meet the demands of what has taken place in history and our present time.

I strongly believe that all of you will continue to remain concerned for CUG and through your willing and dedicated contributions, CUG will forge ahead with bigger achievements for the common good of all our students, staff and the people of China.

Wang Yanxin

President of CUG

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