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Outstanding Professor

Zhenmin Jin

Research interests of Prof. Jin are focusedon: (1) Rheology and microstructure of lherzolite xenoliths from Eastern China;(2) Experimental study of rheology and partial melting of mantle rocks such aslherzolite and harzburgite as well as eclogite; (3) Microstructure and fabricsof deformation UHP-eclogite and dynamics of exhumation in Central China (Dabie– Sulu ultrahigh pressure metamorphism belt); (4) Relationship of latticepreferred orientation (LPO) of mantle anisotropy of lithosphere from EasternChina and Himalaya orogenic belt.

Professor Jin did extensive studies on rheology of theupper mantle rocks beneath Eastern China and experimental observations ofdeformation and partial melting from the lower crust and mantle rocks at highpressure and high temperature. Recently he is investigating rheologicalcharacteristics of deformed UHP eclogites from Dabie Shan and its comparisonwith experimental deformed eclogites at high temperature and high pressure.

Zuoxun Zeng

Main Projects:
Rheology gauge in Boudinage,supported by the National Nature Science Foundation,project leader

Ore-forming condition and regularity andprediction of gold and copper deposits in the borderland among Sichuan, Gansuand Shaanxi Provinces,supported by the Ministry of Land andResources of China, project leader,1996--2000.

Physical modeling and geological research onhigh amplitude fold, supported by the Ministry of Education,project leader

Research on the effect of the Third-gradeFaults and Fissions to the Distribution of Production Potential in BaobeiBlock,Supported by the Henan Oilfield Filiale,China Oil and Chemistry IndustryLimited Company, project leader

Research on 3-D finite element modeling of the maintarget layers and fission prediction for the Chaiwopu Area, supported by theJianghan Oilfield Filiale,China Oil and Chemistry Industry Limited Company(Project leader)

Guocan Wang

Professional Experience:
1988-Present: Working at Faculty of EarthSciences, China University of Geosciences
Occupation: University Teacher
1983-1985: Working at Regional Geological Survey Team, Jiangxi Province
Occupation: Geological investigator

Main Research Projects andPosition since 1996:
1. Using detrital zircon and fission FTGA to approach the uplift and exhumationof the Western Kunlun Shan, Jan 2004 to Dec 2004, project of NATIONAL SCIENTIFICFOUNDATION OF CHINA, chief of the project.
2. 1:250000 Mapping of Budongquan and Kusaihu Lake area (I46C001002 andI46C001003)of the Eastern Kunlun orogenic belt, from Jan 2003 to Dec 2005,project of country resource survey of MINISTRY OF COUNTRY RESOURCE, chief ofthe project.
3. Study on the Mesozoic-Cenozoic uplifting process and mechanism of the eastpart of the Eastern Kunlun Mountains, Jan 2001 to Dec 2003.
4. 1:250000 Mapping of Alakehu Lake area (I47C001001) of the Eastern Kunlunorogenic belt, from October 1999 to October 2002, project of country resourcesurvey of MINISTRY OF COUNTRY RESOURCE, chief of the project.

Kunguang Yang

2000 geological education Award , Hubei Provincial Government

1998: geological education Award (CUG)

1999:The most welcomed geological teacher bystudents (CUG)

1996: Geological sciencetific progressaward, Minister of Geology and Mineralogy, China

Professional Experience:
2001- : Professor in structural geology, CUG,Wuhan,Hubei,P.R.China.

1996-2000: Associate Professor in structuralgeology, CUG,Wuhan,Hubei, China.

1989-1994: Lecturer, Department of Geology,CUG, Wuhan,Hubei,China.

Jinnan Tong

Professor anddoctoral supervisor of paleontology and stratigraphy at Department of Geobiology, Faculty of Earth Science

Chairman of Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology of Ministry ofEducation;

Chairman of Education Committee of Paleontological Society of China;

Vice-chairman of Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy, ICS;

Co-leader ofIGCP-572 (Permian-Triassic Ecosystems);

Leader of National Innovation Research Group (GeoTurnGroup).

Majoring at Permian-Triassic boundary geology, Triassic paleontologyand stratigraphy, co-evolution of life and environment in great turning periodsof Earth history.

Current researches: Early Triassic ecosystems and biotic recovery.

Yuansheng Du

Born in Kaifeng county,Henan Province in 1958. Bachelor of Wuhan college of geology in 1981. Master ofChina University of Geosciences (CUG) in 1989. Ph.D. of CUG in 1994. Dean ofthe Faculty of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences. Professor ofStratigraphy and Sedimentology. The member of committee of sedimentary faciesand palaeogeography of China, The commissioner of Palaeontological Society ofHubei province.

Xulong Lai

Born in 1964. Professor of Palaeontology andStratigraphy. BSc ( China University of Geosciences-CUG ) 1984, Ph.D (CUG)1991. He is currently member of the leading group of Conodont Association ofChina. One of the editors of five monographs: ' The Triassic of QinlingMountains and Nieghbouring Areas' (CUG Press) 1992; ' Sedimentation andEvolution of Qinling Phanerzoic Basin' (Geological Publishing House)1994; 'Late Permian to Triassic Ecostratigraphy of Yangtze Plate and Adjacent Area' (Science Press )1995; ' Tectonic Physical Chemistry and Metallogenesis'(Geological Publishing House)1999; 慍ompsiteorogenic belt and metallization in adjoining area of Sichuan, Gansu and ShaanxiProvinces (CUG Press). His research interests are in conodonts and massextinction during the Permian - Triassic period, Triassic biostratigraphy andbasinal evolution in Qinling orogenic belt, Northwest China . Since 1997, hehas been involving the research of ancient DNA -an exciting and challengingfield.

Kexin Zhang

Educational qualification
Ph.D.: 2000-China University of Geosciences,China (CUG).
M.Sc.: 1985- Wuhan College of Geology, China
B.Sc.: 1982- Beijing University, China.

1994- : Professor in palaeontology,CUG,Wuhan,Hubei,P.R.China.

1992-1993: Associate Professor inpalaeontology, CUG,Wuhan,Hubei, China.

1987-1991: Lecturer, Department of Geology,CUG, Wuhan,Hubei,China.

Administration and other Responsibility
2001-: Councilor of Palaeontological Society ofHubei Province, P.R..China

2000- : Vice Director of Academe ofGeological Survey, China University of Geosciences

1995-1999: Director of Institute ofGeological Survey, China University of Geosciences

1993-1994: Director of Stratigraphy andPalaeontology Laboratory, China University of Geosciences

Changqian Ma

Research Interests
Igneouspetrology and geochemistry, magma dynamics, granitic geology; petroleumgeology, science education

Professional Affiliation:
Appointments, Honors,Memberships

Chairman, Association of YouthGeologists, Geological Society of Hubei (1989-1992)

Vice-Chairman, ExecutiveCommittee, First Academia Annual Meeting of Youths Proceedings ( Hubei ), ChinaAssociation for Science and Technology (1992)

Member of a Council, SterologicalSociety of Hubei (1991- )

Vice-Chairman, Academic Committeeof CUG (1992-present )

Zhengyu Bao

Born on June 1st,1958, in Shaoxing city,Zhejiang province, P.R. China, and is now working as a professor ofgeochemistry in the Institute of Geochemistry,Faculty of Earth Sciences, ChinaUniversity of Geosciences in Wuhan. The academic interest is mainly focused ondynamic study of geochemical processes and computational geochemistry,especially in investigation of ore-forming processes and spatio-temporalstructure analysis of geochemical fields, geochemical data processing andrelated software development.

Hongfei Zhang

Ph.D 1992 China University of geosciences, Wuhan, P.R. China
M.S 1986 China University of geosciences, Wuhan, P.R. China
B.S 1983 China University of geosciences, Wuhan, P.R. China
Present Appointment:Professor, China University of Geosciences
Professional Society Affiliation:Mineralogical, Petrological and GeochemistrySociety of China
Present interest:Tectonic evolution of orogeic belts;Granite petrogenesis andCrustal evolution; Geodynamics

Jiasheng Wang

Faculty member inDepartment of Geology in Wuhan College of Geology and in School of EarthSciences in China University of Geosciences from 1985. CSC visiting scholar inGEOMAR of Kiel University (Germany) from October 2000 to October 2001,Sedimentologist in IODP Expedition 311 at Cascadia Margin in northeastern Pacific Ocean from September to October 2005, CSC visiting scholar inDepartment of Geosciences in Virginia Tech from December 2006 to December 2007,and Research scientist in the 21th Expedtion of Dayang Yihao in eastern PacificRidge from October to November 2009.

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