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After a course of more than 50 years, CUG has grown from just a geological college into one of the national key universities with multi disciplines. The current students total over 23000, and the full-time faculty about 3000. The university is also among those being authorized to carry out the “211 Project” construction during the “Tenth Five-year Plan”.It is regarded as an important base for the higher education of geology and scientific research.

During the development of over half a century, the university has gone through three stages. From its early foundation to the early 60’s of last century, Beijing College of Geology was founded in order to train some professionals who were urgently needed at that time in the field of geological exploration. As a result, the majors run by the college at that time were all of geological engineering branches. Then, until the middle of the 1980’s, in order to facilitate the construction of basic geological disciplines, and to meet the social demands for socialist development, some majors of geosciences were set, thus forming a pattern of major setting with equal emphasis on sciences and engineering. Now until today, the early 21 century, with the confirmation of the name “China University of Geosciences”, the setting of majors in the university has made a great breakthrough. Currently, CUG runs over 40 undergraduate programs in six disciplines: sciences, engineering, liberal arts, management, economics and law. CUG has thus grown into an institution of higher learning with obvious advantages in geosciences and coordinate development in sciences, engineering, liberal arts, management, economics and laws. It has also raised the goal of “constructing a high-level university with striking features, comprehensive advantages and coordinating development”.

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