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Name: AladineHamdane Boundjadi

Major: Master of Petroleum Engineering

From: Comoros

I have spentalmost two and half years in CUG (China University of Geosciences) and Irealized that this University is, for me, more than just a school. I’m having agreat time and enjoying my studies. The environment that I found in the campushelped me a lot to enhance the knowledge about my major. CUG gave me theopportunity to learn the Chinese language, Chinese culture, and Chinese historyand to meet a lot of fantastic people from different countries with differentlanguages.

In the future,whenever I go, CUG will be unforgettable and will be in my heart forever.

Name: Do Minh Ngoc

Major: Ph.d of Geological resources and geological engineering

From: Ha Noi, Viet Nam

“C.U.Ghas given me the best conditions to study. The professors at here are veryfriendly, helpful and approachable. Whether in life or in the learning process,if i have any problems, they will make the time to help me. These things mademe feel at home and unforgettable”.

Name: Nuno Ferreira

Major: Geological Engineering

From: Mozambique

CUG has changed myentire life positively.  When I firstcame to this campus I found my self so lonely and boring at all ,  that's what took me to restart my life.  Decided to spread my self to everyone showingoff what I have got concerning the talents, knowledge,and abilities. I sharedit among all the people in this campus as well. The professors are kindly, friendly and approachable.  I have made friends from all over the world.  I have learned a lot while the time I spentin this brilliant university and I'm truly sure that from that on the doors tosuccess are opened for me.

Name: Herinandrianina TIANARIVELO


From: Antananarivo,MADAGASCAR

I even do not find the word to express it but my time in China University of Geosciences was morethan wonderful, extraordinary. Apart from the knowledge I got from my major, Ilearned so many things and my experience was very enriching, life is alsotaught here. The teachers are all very helpful, and even with language barrier,they always find the right solution to solve my problems, they devote theirtime to help me to grow. Besides, the International student office never stops doingtheir best to create new classes and make the learning of Chinese smooth, andorganize various activities on the campus. They always find time to listen, tofind solution and to help. During my study in CUG, everyone make me feel that Iam not alone but supported, teachers and all of the staff behave like realfriends, family and parents. I will never forget my time in CUG!

Name: Ntelo Seraphin ArthurBrunel

Chinese name: 赛特

Major: Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering

From: Republic of Congo

The faculty and staff atCUG are very friendly and dedicated to enriching student life. TheInternational Education College has provided many opportunities for me toexplore Chinese Culture and also to satisfy my academic and sporting interests.My advisors are very knowledgeable in their fields and they always encourage meto do well. Student life at CUG is very active and I have participated in manycompetitions and cultural performances over the years; I even won first prizein the China Taekwondo Competition twice. I will never forget the wonderfulexperiences I've had at CUG and the memories I've shared with my friends fromall over the world.

Name: Kamila Tuktamishova

Major: Master ofScience Public Administration

From: Tashkent,Republic of Uzbekistan

Studying in CUG is a priceless experience. I spent 3unforgettable years here, and that was the most productive and socially activeperiod. I became a member of a big CUG family. Professional and friendlyfaculty and staff are making a tremendous work in organizing academicenvironment and supporting social activities. With their support andencouragement, achieving my professional goals is not a dream anymore it is areality.

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